By entering the code provided to you, and clicking the "Accept" button, you authorize our AT&T service rep to trouble-shoot your service problems by taking temporary control of your computer.

Your authorization will allow the service rep to access your computer via remote control, but you will be able to observe the actions taken by the service rep as he or she works to resolve your service problems. This application may install small client components required to initiate the remote control session and the service rep may be required to make changes to your computer system in order to resolve your issues.

You agree that AT&T is not liable for any claims or damages stemming from the service rep's efforts, and you acknowledge that the Terms of Service for your High Speed Internet Service and/or AT&T U-verse service, including all limitations of liability and mandatory arbitration provisions, apply to these trouble-shooting efforts.

If you do not agree, do NOT check the "I Agree to the Software License Agreement". Our service rep will be granted remote access to your computer ONLY if you check the “I Agree” statement and click Accept.